Scott & Sharon MacLean
Serving with Crossworld in Northern Italy


About Scott & Sharon MacLean




I was born into a Christian family, that loved and desired to serve the Lord. At an early age I trusted in Christ as my Savior. Throughout high school God prepared me for ministry by allowing me to be involved in Word Of Life Clubs. I participated in many different outreaches, including summer missions trips, and gained a solid base of Scriptural knowledge. My family always emphasized the importance of missions, and from my youth I believed that God wanted me to be a missionary.

Following high school I attended Word of Life Bible Institute and School of Missions and Evangelism. These years strengthened and renewed my desire to serve God in missions. I then transferred to Moody Bible Institute where I graduated in 1992 with a BA in Evangelism. God used this time to hone my abilities and gifts, and to stretch me into new areas.

Following my graduation from Moody, I served a one year pastoral internship at my home church, Grace Chapel in Havertown, PA. God taught me more about myself, about the local church, and about working with people during this internship. In June of 1994, UFM International (now Crossworld) appointed me to the field of Italy.

At that time I began to seek a prayer and financial support team.  In 1997, the Lord brought to my attention that He had a wonderful change in store for me before He was ready for me to go to Italy.  He brought into my life a wonderful, godly woman whose gifts and abilities wonderfully complimented mine.  She was already a candidate with UFM International, but I suppose I should let her tell her story ...


I grew up in the country of Peru where my parents were serving as missionaries. At the age of 7 my mom explained to me the gospel of salvation and I then accepted Christ into my life. Because of my background I learned a lot about missions. When I was in junior high someone challenged me to consider missions personally. Since then I have had the desire to serve the Lord wherever He would lead me

Over the years I have seen the Lord lead me and give me different opportunities of ministry. After high school I went to Columbia Bible College-a college which has a high emphasis on missions. During college as well as after college the Lord gave me several opportunities to go on missions trips. After the last missions trip back in 1995 I prayerfully and actively pursued missions as a possible long term commitment. Through a former high school counselor and her husband I was encouraged to look into UFM. The following summer (1996) I was accepted by UFM (now Crossworld) to the country of Brazil.

Since then Scott and I met through our local church and we were married on July 11, 1998.


As stated above, I have a BA from Moody Bible Institute in Evangelism.  

My gifts and abilities are in the area of administration and evangelism.  I have experience with preaching, teaching, open air evangelism, evangelism training, children's Bible clubs, planning and running a week long children's camp ministry for several years, planning outreach events and other ministry opportunities.


I graduated from Columbia Bible College with a BS in Bible and Christian Education.

My gifts and abilities are in the area of hospitality and helps.  I have experience with teaching children, working with handicapped children, clowning, camp counselor, VBS, and 5-day clubs.  I have been on several short term missions trips, most of which were evangelism outreaches.


We have been in Italy for 19 years.  In our first term we were able to learn the language and culture (of course there is always more to learn) and gain valuable ministry experience working in an Italian setting.  We were able to be part of a mature church plant where we were able to both contribute to the work with our gifts as well as observing and learning from more experienced missionaries and their work with the Root Center Church in Milan.

That experience prepared us to join with two Italian couples in working with a small church in the Ossola Valleys of far northern Italy.  We had the joy of seeing God work in this largely unreached area for over 9 years.  We saw God cause this church to grow and in 2014 it expressed it's desire to stand on it's own, freeing us to move to another place of service here in Italy.

In 2015 we transitioned to working with Milan Bible Church, an international church with services in English.  We seek to encourage and equip these believers to do their part in the making of disciples of Jesus Christ in Milan.  We also have the joy of working with Punto Luce Church, an Italian church just outside Milan.  We work with them occasionally with some of their outreach events.

Our fervent desire is to see Italians and those from other nations (who attend Milan Bible Church) not only trust Jesus Christ as their Savior, but also become trained and equipped to proclaim the good news of salvation to their community.  They can reach Italy better than we ever will!