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Better Cold then Mold!

I actually say that phrase rather frequently during the winter months.  Our apartment has very good windows and doors.  They are great at sound insulation (there is a highway not too far away) and thermal insulation.  That is great!

They are also do a great job of keeping in moisture.  With them closedthere is virtually no air excahnge with the outdoors.  Since our walls are concrete and get rather cold (especially on the north side of the building) that isa recipe for mold.  In certain areas of the house mold will start growing as soon as the weather turns cold.  We will treat the areas with various mold killing products (ranging from bleach and water to commerical products) but sooner or later (generally sooner) the mold is back with a vengance.  On one wall of the house we have to take down a few pictures so that mold won't grow behind them.  

We have stopped hanging clothes to dry indoors and we have also tried (during the summer months) cleaning, sanding, recleaning and painting the walls with thermal paint.  It doesn't matter.  The mold just keeps coming back.

Which brings me to "better cold than mold".  The one thing we have found most useful in fighting mold is "changing the air."  Each day - during the "warmer" part of the day - we turn off the heat and open all the doors and windows for a few minutes.  This lets the warm moist air out and lets cold drier air in.  The walls and windows dry off and the mold growth is slowed down.  We still need to do regualr treatments, but nowhere near as often.  

The few minutes of shivering each day is defeinitely worth it.

Better cold than mold!